Vaccinating your pets against common infectious diseases is one of the very important parts of being a responsible pet owner in modern time. For the reason many and varied, we are still seeing diseases such as Canine Distemper and Parvo viral infections in Hong Kong. A lot of sick animals all the time! These diseases are severe and often life threatening to the affected animals. Modern vaccines available to us are highly affordable, safe and extremely effective against these diseases therefore there is no reasons not to use them to your advantage. Your veterinary surgeon will conduct a physical examination to determine the fitness of your pet before giving the vaccine. To get the maximum benefit from the vaccine, your pet needs to be fit and healthy. During the pre-vaccination physical examination time, you will have ample opportunities to discuss with your veterinary surgeon and get advises regarding your pet’s healthy issues.

Based on the vaccination guidelines issued by the American Animal Hospital Association, acceptance of such guidelines by international veterinary communities, our own professional experience and requirement by Hong Kong SAR law, we are recommending the following vaccination programs for our patients in Hong Kong.

Vaccination Program for Dogs

  • 6-8 weeks : 1st C5 vaccination ( against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza and Leptospira infections)
  • 12-14 weeks : 2nd C5 vaccination
  • 16-18 weeks : 3rd C5 vaccination
  • 20 weeks : Anti-rabies vaccination, every 3 years after that (required by HKSAR Law)
  • 1 year after the 3rd C5 vaccination : Booster C5 vaccination
  • Every 3 years : Booster C5 vaccination (High risk patients may still require annual booster C5 vaccinations, please talk to your veterinary surgeon)
  • Anti-Bordetella Bronchoseptica infection Vaccination : Annually for high risk patients or at least
  • 1 week before going to a high risk place.

Vaccination Program for Cats

  • 6-8 weeks : 1st F3 vaccination (against Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleucopenia infections)
  • 12-14 weeks : 2nd F3 vaccination
  • 16-18 weeks : 3rd F3 vaccination ( optional only )
  • 1 year after the 2nd or 3rd F3 vaccination : Booster F3 vaccination
  •  Every 3 years : Booster F3 vaccination (High risk patients may still require annual booster f3 vaccinations, please talk to your veterinary surgeon)
  • In cats anti-rabies vaccination is not required by HKSAR Law, however we recommend it for outdoor or semi-outdoor cats for your own protection.